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Selecting Golf Apparel for Men

Whether the play is formal or informal, golf clubs and tournaments enforce dress codes. Proper comfortable attire should be worn at all times. A basic golf look may include shirt, pants and shoes, plus outerwear as an optional addition. Below are complete guidelines in choosing your golf apparel.

Choosing the right Shirt and Outerwear

Many golf players prefer to wear conservative styles and colors when playing. But, there is no harm in trying other fabrics, hues, and designs to complete your look. The most popular attire in golf is the classic collared shirt. Polo shirts give the golf players a sophisticated look, a combination of formal and casual.

Comfort and flexibility are the most important aspects that you have to consider while choosing your shirt. Comfort means your shirt provides the cooling effect of the fabric, which means cotton is the best choice. Cotton is suitable in every climate. Flexibility, on the other hand, gives you ease of movement during play. So, your shirt should be neither too tight nor too loose.

golf apparelYour shirt can either be short sleeved or long sleeved. Short sleeves are more appropriate on a sunny day. But, if you worry about getting sunburned, you can wear a jacket to protect yourself from the sun. Alternatively, you may wear long sleeved shirts. Nowadays, long sleeved shirts and jackets are manufactured to fit sudden climate changes that make golf games a lot more challenging and unpredictable. Windbreakers and vests are other options if the weather gets cold while playing.

As for fabric choices, other than cotton, there are other options such as performance tech-fabric. Tech-fabric shirts are made of polyester and are getting quite popular as of late. Interestingly, these shirts are actually less expensive than cotton.

Selecting your Pants

Golf, despite its “boring” look to others, involves a lot of walking, squatting, kneeling, bending, and twisting. Thus, in buying your pants, the important things to consider are type of fabric, hemline, and length. These things contribute a lot in giving you comfort while playing golf.

When it comes to matters regarding fabric, choose pants with a mixture of polyester and spandex. This kind of fabric has a stretchy characteristic that allows you to move freely. It also goes back into its original form after stretching. Other options include polyester and cotton, microfiber with spandex, as well as wool and cotton. Buy pants with different fabrics so that you do not have to solely rely on one style. Pants with a combination of polyester and cotton are more suitable for summer, while pants with wool fabric provide extra comfort against the chilly autumn weather.

Your pants should be sturdy and should have solid stitches. Inspect for any gap in the stitches. If you find gaps, do not buy the pants. Hemline should not be frayed. The length should be just above the top of your shoes. You can also wear short pants if you prefer them. They’re a lot cooler than long pants. When buying your pants, trying them on is necessary. Try moving as you would in playing golf. That way, you get to feel how your pants would shift with your movements.

Buying Your Shoes

Metal spikes are not allowed in most golf courses since they damage the greens. So, look for shoes that have soft, rubber spikes. Another option is to buy shoes without spikes but still give you the grip you need in your swing.

As for style, you can choose from one made of rubber with soft spikes and one that’s spike-less (sneakers like shoes, or a brogue with spikes). Whichever you select, always remember comfort and flexibility. Your shoes should have comfortable insoles to absorb shock and sudden movements. Breath ability is also necessary. Your feet are exposed to heat during play. Thus, they should be able to “breathe”, meaning the material of the shoes lets in air to cool your feet.


In golf apparel, there are minimal accessories allowed such a belt, eyewear, and gloves. Choose a belt that can expand as you move. Sunglasses should have UV protection and must protect your eyes against wind and sunlight. Gloves are important since these items help you with your grip. Gloves are also helpful if your hands are always sweaty.

Jewelry is not allowed during play mainly due to their shimmer. Besides, these jewelry, especially necklaces, may restrict your swing movement. Watches may be allowed as long as they are not made of metal that could shine under the sunlight. Another optional accessory is a cap or a visor, in place of sunglasses. Wearing a cap or a visor protects your eyes against the sun but not against wind and dust. If you do not want to wear a cap, an umbrella is also an alternative.

Choosing your golf apparel requires attention and time. So, when shopping, do not rush; take time to fit everything you intend to buy, especially shirts, pants, and outerwear. Move while wearing the golf apparel to see the performance they offer. As you move, you should feel comfortable. You should feel that the fabric “stretches” to your movement.

Amazing Facts about ID Lanyards

Aside from its function to hold ID badges, different cards, mini household items, keys, pens, whistles, electronic devices or gadgets, eye glasses, and etc., what else do you know about lanyards?

These are the facts about lanyards before they became ID Lanyards.

1. The origin of “lanyards”

The word “lanyards” came from two French words. These are “lan”, which is a short version of the word “laniere” meaning a strap, and “yard” meaning spar, a part of a ship’s rigging.

2. The first use of lanyards

Did you know that the first people who used lanyards were sailors? They are sailors who find difficulties in climbing up their ship’s rigging while holding their different tools used in fixing their ship.

How did they manage to go up while the rigging is swaying with the strong wind in the middle of the sea when their hands are occupied holding a knife, a whistle, and binoculars? It does seem impossible and life-threatening.

To minimize the risks, one of these sailors found a way. He gathered all scrap fabrics, perhaps the ones which lay around the ship looking worthless, and then he tied them with each other making it rope-like.

The sailor tied the finished product around his waist. He gathered some more scraps and tied them individually in the rope-like material around his waist and on the ends of these individually tied scraps, he finally attached his tools.

Their dilemma had been solved and lanyards were invented. This had happened long, long ago. ID Lanyards are hundreds of years old.

3. The military functions of lanyards

Lanyards can basically hold anything which is small in size, and the military knew about this. So, they used lanyards for their advantages. They attached the lanyards in their uniforms and tied their pistols and other small artilleries in the lanyards.

ID lanyardsThat way they can easily access their weapons when face with enemies in their battlefields. Lanyards also helped them secure their weapons and prevent them from falling in the water in case they were battling in rivers or seas.

Up to this day, lanyards have military purposes. They served as ornaments for the military uniforms. The lanyards were braided now and were of different colors. They are also used in indicating the rank of the officials.

4. The purpose of lanyards in early years

Lanyards were first used by the military in World War II. After that, what had been lanyards’ purpose? Until 19th century, their purpose had still been the same—to protect one’s life.

People attached the lanyards underneath their clothing and used them to hold small knives that they may use for self defense. They had strategically positioned the lanyards on their shoulders so they may easily pull out their weapon in times of danger.

5. Lanyards are also made with knots

The process of creating lanyards is called boondoggle or scoubidou. Tying knots is part of the process.Summer camps for children usually have boondoggle lessons. Teachers help the kids tie different knots including triangle knot, box knot, butterfly knot, and Chinese knot.

There are ID Lanyards which are made of these knots.

6. Lanyards are used in mountain climbing

There are heavy-duty lanyards which help mountain climbers safely reach the peak of mountains. These lanyards can hold a massive object. They are called Lineman lanyards.

Their thickness and strength will allow the climbers to be sure that the rope will not break as they climb up. Lineman lanyards have adjustable buckles.

ID Lanyards clearly have a rich history. They were of significant purposes in the early years of invention. The quality of the material is the most important feature of lanyards during those days.

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The Importance of Graduation Stoles

“We do not stop going to school when we graduate.”– Carol Burnett

stoleGraduation is an occasion a student aims for during his or her stay in an academic institution. It is a time wherein a student is awarded a degree by a university or when a diploma is given by a school. Graduation is an important day for any one. Every graduate is required to dress properly for this occasion. Some graduates opt to wear semi-formal attire or attire that is not so bulky. A graduate is then required to wear a robe above that attire. Then graduation stoles are worn above the robes. It is hung around one’s neck. Graduation stoles are like shawls draped over your neck. Lastly one must wear a cap. These three items of clothing are the most important pieces of clothing during graduation. They are most commonly called graduation regalia.

The regalia worn by a graduate differ with the academic achievement that comes with it. A different kind of regalia is worn by those graduating from high school as compared to that worn by one graduating from a university or one who has accomplished a post graduate degree. It becomes more majestic as the academic degree one achieves becomes higher.

Graduation stoles are a significant part of the regalia. It is usually the most colorful part of the regalia. Its colors may be tailored according to the colors of the university or the school. Usually graduation stoles are not bare pieces of cloth but they have letters and numbers embroidered or attached on them. It can be customized according to the graduate’s specification subject to the guidelines of the academic institution that vest the graduate his/her academic achievement.

Now that graduation season is just around the corner, graduation stoles are in demand, especially those that can be personalized by their buyers. But beware of shops that are just out there to trick you and take your money without ever delivering what you ordered, or those shops which offer products that are way over priced. It is important that you are able to buy the best but that should not come at the expense of spending more than what you should be.

You should look for a shop. Do as much research as you can. You should focus on shops that are trusted or picked up by search engines. You should also narrow your options with those that have reviews online. Those shops with the best reputation should be at the top of your list. Then when you’ve narrowed down your options it is time for you to compare the services they offer. You can narrow your list further by choosing those shops that offer more colors or those who offer more characters to be put on your graduation stoles.

Then look at their prices and the discounts they offer so that you can further determine which shop offers the best products for the least amount of money. But if the deal seems too good to be true then it might be that indeed. Now that you’ve chosen the shop that offers the best service and the best price for it, it is time for you to order. Most online shops have a standard form wherein you are going to fill up the details. Some shops also provide for a box where you can indicate special instruction you may have.

stoleAfter you’ve filled up all the details needed for your order, it is now time to pay. Make sure that your computer, tablet or phone is secure so that personal details regarding your credit card would not be easily taken by online thieves. It is important that you not divulge too much information. You should only share that information that is needed. Do not over share since this often opens the doors for online thieves. After paying, it is now time for you to wait for your order to arrive. Take note of the contact numbers they indicate on their page so that you can easily follow up on your order.

When your order arrives check whether it is in order and whether they have defects. If there is a problem with it you should notify the seller at once so that they can deliver the replacement as soon as they can. Usually the seller handles the cost or delivering the replacement and some even let your keep the defective ones they have previously delivered.

Good luck with your shopping. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have the best product and the best deal online.