Individuals who served at the front lines are proud of their units and are nostalgic about the time they spent in the army. Numerous military personnel order custom military coins as their way of taking pride in their jobs and their units. Military men and women wishing to order these coins through service providers should ask the following questions to set their expectations and ensure quality:

custom military coins

What metal colors are available?

Coins come in a wide range of colors that make them stand out and worth collecting. These metal color choices also apply to ordering military coins. Knowing available metal colors allow buyers to personalize coins and be proud of these pieces.

Colors are available in gold, silver, copper, brass and nickel metal. These colors come in two types of finishes. Polished finishes give coins the brand new look. Traditionalists, however, can choose antique finishes, which make the pieces look aged. Duo-tone metal colors are among the color options which give coins dual shades of gold and brass for rarer appeal.

Is it okay to send personalized designs?

Graphic designers working on custom military coins have seen all military branches’ insignia designs, which made coin designing easier for them. Nevertheless, some clients want their coins to be unique, especially if meant as gifts for unit members. They wish to send their own layouts and designs that highlight their unit’s incomparable qualities.

Graphic artists are skilled enough to carry out clients’ requested designs. Their expertise in the field makes it possible for them to deliver coins according to buyers’ preferences.

Is design recreation possible?

Some active military personnel and veterans consider themselves as traditionalists. They want their custom military coins to possess conventional insignia designs representing their military branches. These are the usual styles embedded on existing coins, but clients want to recreate them on their new coins to order. Expert artists can replicate these designs on new coins as if they are existing coins’ carbon copies.

How long before coins are delivered?

Among the advantages of ordering personalized military coins is graphic designers only need a night to create a design proof and wait for buyers’ approval. Once the client approved of the proof, they can start manufacturing and buyers will receive the new coins after two or three weeks. Coins will be available in time for any special event among current and former military men organized.

Does the price include packaging price?

Many people order custom military coins as memorabilia for their fellow soldiers or unit members on occasions or other events. Hence, many buyers want to know what packaging choices come with coins and if they are available at no additional charge. Packaging options include regular and customized PVC pouches, velvet bag, velvet box, and coin capsules. Usually, plain PVC pouches are included for free, but other special package options come with budget-friendly charges, which are worth buying depending on the occasion when these coins will be distributed.

How safe is the shipping process?

These coins are valuable for service members. Therefore, they want to make sure that coins are delivered properly and keep them from damages while in transit. As the seller understands coins’ value, he will ship coins in their individual packages and in protected boxes. Buyers must verify this information before purchasing to guarantee safe shipping procedures.

Asking several questions before ordering custom military coins will set a buyer’s expectation on the items and services. These inquiries open opportunities for buyers to compare services and deals that will suit their budget. Most of these questions are answered through a seller’s FAQ page, but customers can send an email or call for other unwritten information on websites.

Many armed service workers get custom military coins as their means of acquiring pride into their tasks along with their units.