In addition to their practical use of making identification cards easily noticeable, neck lanyards also provide product identity and promotion that is why they are popular in schools, offices and other organizations. In such cases, superior quality lanyard is the main concern. For instance, in an office setting, lanyards must last during the period of time an employee is staying with the company. Today, there are different types of top quality lanyards available.

1. Polyester Lanyards

Lanyards made of polyester are the most common types used by people because they are the most affordable. Polyester materials are used in making them, normally with twill. The logo and text are printed into polyester lanyards using silkscreen.

2. Nylon Lanyards

This type is made of premium quality nylons that normally give an attractive shine to the finished product. Just like the polyester-made neck lanyards, the name of the company and their logo are printed on nylon lanyards through the silkscreen method. This is the ideal choice for a complicated company name and logo design because the natural luster of nylon makes any design become prominent. Moreover, the sheen of the material can really capture the attention of people, especially in huge crowds.

3. Tubular Lanyards

Neck LanyardsThis lanyard is also made of premium quality polyester twill, but the material gives the finished product a wider shoestring-like pattern because it is tube-stitched. It is comfortable to wear on the neck for a long period of time because of the distinctive soft feeling that even schoolchildren would love. Tubular lanyards are also printed using silkscreen and their unique pattern helps in emphasizing the design.

4. Woven Lanyards

Just like polyester lanyards, a woven lanyard uses the same premium quality polyester materials. However, their designs are imprinted in different ways. With these neck lanyards, their design is actually woven into the material. Organizations and businesses that want to distribute lanyards that do not fade or chip after many years of use can pick this type because of its guaranteed durability. However, note that it would be quite hard to prevent the lanyards from fading if these are always exposed to extreme conditions. This type of lanyard normally has minimal designs, or it may generally depend on the embroidery expertise of the manufacturer.

5. Dye-Sublimated Lanyards

Because they can attract attention more easily, colorful lanyards that have more complicated designs are becoming more popular nowadays. They are often known as dye-sublimated lanyards. As with most neck lanyards, these lanyards are also made of polyester materials, but they have a distinctively white color that serves as the base material.

Neck LanyardThey use heat and pressure to produce multi-color imprints, adding color to the white base. Most lanyards use the silkscreen method where the imprint is just lying on the surface of the fabric, which is prone to scraping or chipping after a period of time. However, dye-sublimated lanyards use a unique method wherein it really transfers the colors into the fabric, giving the same color imprint on both sides of the fabric.

Most lanyards manufacturers sell dye-sublimated lanyards at a slightly higher price than the other types of lanyards because of the method needed.

For organizations that consider purchasing neck lanyards with their chosen type, it would be better to order higher quantity than their headcount if they expect to get bigger in the next few years. This way, the new members of the organization will be covered and lost lanyards can easily be replaced. Furthermore, most lanyard manufacturers offer cheaper price for each lanyard for bulk orders and free artwork and design; hence, it would be practical to take advantage of these perks.

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