Rubber bracelets are more than just fashion accessories. They are used to convey a specific message and they’re used for self-expression, too.

Rubber bracelets are used by the following organizations for various purposes:

Custom rubber wristbands are attractive, useful, and inexpensive. This is the reason why businesses are using these rubber bracelets for marketing and promotions. Entrepreneurs use these bracelets to introduce new products and services to the market. It’s no surprise that you see a lot of medical representatives giving doctors rubber wristbands containing the names of their drugs and medical products.

Custom Rubber BraceletsEntrepreneurs also use rubber wristbands to promote team work and camaraderie in the office. They usually print something like “I’m proud to be a ___ employee” on the silicone wristbands to promote pride and sense of belongingness among their employees. Some entrepreneurs also use these amazing silicone bracelets to honor their top performing employees. They print something like “best copywriter” or “salesman of the year” on the rubber bands.


Sports teams usually give away special edition custom silicone wristbands to their supporters and fans. These rubber bracelets are given during sports events such as football games, marathon, or basketball games. These bracelets are also given to participants during pep rallies.

3.Conference and Seminars

A number of events organizers and business clubs use these silicone bracelets for conference and seminars. These wristbands are given away as a souvenir. These bands are also used as event pass.

4.Movie Houses and theatres

Some movie houses and theatres use custom rubber bands as entry pass for their guests.


A lot of hospitals around the world use custom silicone bracelets to identify their patients. They also print essential patient information on the bracelet to make the daily rounds easier for doctors and nurses.


Schools use custom rubber wristbands for different uses. They use these bracelets for various school activities. These wristbands are also used by various school clubs such as:

•Girl’s Scouts

•Floral Club

•Book Lovers

•Dance Club

•Glee Club

•Volleyball Team

•Debate Team

•Cheerleading Squad

7.Charitable Institutions

Various charitable institutions also use custom rubber wristbands to advance different causes such as fundraising for cancer victims, HIV awareness, and fund-raising for calamity stricken cities. These organizations give away these bracelets during charity auction and fund-raising events. They also give these bands to volunteers.


Politicians use these bracelets during political rallies. They also give these bands away to potential voters. Campaign managers usually print the candidate’s name and platform on the wristband.

9.Amusement Parks

Amusement parks use custom silicone wristbands as passes to specific parts of the park like the pool, the rides, and even the circus shows. These wristbands also serve as souvenirs.

10.Tourism Offices

A lot of tourism offices in various countries use these amazing silicone bracelets to promote their tourist spots. In fact, it is not uncommon to see “I love Israel”, “I love Poland”, or “Visit Puerto Rico” rubber wristbands. You can also see a lot of “New York City” or “Virgin Islands” rubber wristbands.

In fact, a lot of cruises and tours use custom rubber wristbands to identify their guests and participants.

You can also use these amazing rubber bracelets for personal purposes. You can give them away as personalized gifts. You can also print positive messages like “Be grateful”, “Life is beautiful”, or “The best is yet to come” on these wristbands and give them to your friends. Rubber wristbands are hip, cool, and inexpensive and you can do a lot of things with them. They give maximum value for your money.

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