“We do not stop going to school when we graduate.”– Carol Burnett

stoleGraduation is an occasion a student aims for during his or her stay in an academic institution. It is a time wherein a student is awarded a degree by a university or when a diploma is given by a school. Graduation is an important day for any one. Every graduate is required to dress properly for this occasion. Some graduates opt to wear semi-formal attire or attire that is not so bulky. A graduate is then required to wear a robe above that attire. Then graduation stoles are worn above the robes. It is hung around one’s neck. Graduation stoles are like shawls draped over your neck. Lastly one must wear a cap. These three items of clothing are the most important pieces of clothing during graduation. They are most commonly called graduation regalia.

The regalia worn by a graduate differ with the academic achievement that comes with it. A different kind of regalia is worn by those graduating from high school as compared to that worn by one graduating from a university or one who has accomplished a post graduate degree. It becomes more majestic as the academic degree one achieves becomes higher.

Graduation stoles are a significant part of the regalia. It is usually the most colorful part of the regalia. Its colors may be tailored according to the colors of the university or the school. Usually graduation stoles are not bare pieces of cloth but they have letters and numbers embroidered or attached on them. It can be customized according to the graduate’s specification subject to the guidelines of the academic institution that vest the graduate his/her academic achievement.

Now that graduation season is just around the corner, graduation stoles are in demand, especially those that can be personalized by their buyers. But beware of shops that are just out there to trick you and take your money without ever delivering what you ordered, or those shops which offer products that are way over priced. It is important that you are able to buy the best but that should not come at the expense of spending more than what you should be.

You should look for a shop. Do as much research as you can. You should focus on shops that are trusted or picked up by search engines. You should also narrow your options with those that have reviews online. Those shops with the best reputation should be at the top of your list. Then when you’ve narrowed down your options it is time for you to compare the services they offer. You can narrow your list further by choosing those shops that offer more colors or those who offer more characters to be put on your graduation stoles.

Then look at their prices and the discounts they offer so that you can further determine which shop offers the best products for the least amount of money. But if the deal seems too good to be true then it might be that indeed. Now that you’ve chosen the shop that offers the best service and the best price for it, it is time for you to order. Most online shops have a standard form wherein you are going to fill up the details. Some shops also provide for a box where you can indicate special instruction you may have.

stoleAfter you’ve filled up all the details needed for your order, it is now time to pay. Make sure that your computer, tablet or phone is secure so that personal details regarding your credit card would not be easily taken by online thieves. It is important that you not divulge too much information. You should only share that information that is needed. Do not over share since this often opens the doors for online thieves. After paying, it is now time for you to wait for your order to arrive. Take note of the contact numbers they indicate on their page so that you can easily follow up on your order.

When your order arrives check whether it is in order and whether they have defects. If there is a problem with it you should notify the seller at once so that they can deliver the replacement as soon as they can. Usually the seller handles the cost or delivering the replacement and some even let your keep the defective ones they have previously delivered.

Good luck with your shopping. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have the best product and the best deal online.